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Mesothelioma Attorneys
The Mesothelioma Law Firm of Cooney & Conway began representing mesothelioma clients more than 35 years ago when a group of Johns-Manville employees from nearby Waukegan, Illinois were refused access to their own yearly employee chest X-ray results. Mesothelioma Lawyers of the firm intervened on behalf of the Manville employees,  and the records were turned over.  It was discovered that Manville had been concealing evidence that its employees had developed asbestosis and other asbestos related diseases while working at the Manville facility. Represented by Cooney & Conway, and armed with medical proof of their injuries, the plant workers filed successful actions against Johns Manville.

Mesothelioma generally takes several decades following asbestos exposure to develop.  Physical signs to watch for include respiratory and breathing problems, changes in weight, and chest and/or stomach pain.  Swelling in the abdomen may also be a sign of mesothelioma.  These symptoms may develop as a result of fluid building up in the tissues around the lungs or in the abdomen.  If you notice any changes in your health, you should always see a doctor, who can ask the appropriate questions and run the necessary tests in order to provide an accurate diagnosis.

The Cost for a Mesothelioma Attorney
Some people may shy away from the idea of a lawsuit, believing that it will be costly. When diagnosed with a deadly disease like mesothelioma, the prospect of paying for a lawyer on top of medical treatments and other expenses can seem overwhelming.

With asbestos-related personal injury and wrongful death claims, attorneys generally work on a contingency basis, which means that mesothelioma victims and their families will not have to pay anything up front and are only responsible for legal fees if their lawyer is able to help them receive compensation.

If an asbestos lawyer requires that you pay up front for his/her services, you should turn him/her down immediately and seek out a reputable law firm that will never make you pay before helping you receive a settlement or jury award.
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